Mu Arena Game Website HTML Template

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What is it?

What is HTML, CSS template?

We can confidently say that coding HTML, CSS template is the second stage in web-site development. Well, let's look at more in detail what is HTML and CSS template.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a hypertext markup language. Simplifying the definition, we can say that HTML is the "skeleton" of any page. Look at an example of HTML page markup:
Why the "skeleton"? If you take a closer look, the interpreted code is not designed at all. Neither colors, nor dimensions, nor positioning are specified.
We can conclude that HTML is a collection of tags that form the basis of any page on the Internet. With their help, we declare headings, blocks, paragraphs, links, images and other elements.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - this is the "style magic" that makes the HTML markup a nice looking. With the help of CSS, we have the ability to customize any element specified in the markup.
СSS styles file looks like this:
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View Demo The best MU online Gaming HTML template for your unique website project from the professional designer of our store. Modern and very cool game design. The set of this game HTML template also contains images processed in the style of the game of all races. This html template contains Logo PSD template with a font file, so you can type any title you need. Additional materials in the form of event popup, authorization and a drop-down list of the main menu will expand your functions and capabilities in the creation and implementation of the MU Online game website. However, fewer words, see the demo version yourself.