Mu Online Dark King Game Website PSD Template

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What is it?

What is PSD type of media?

PSD templates are the source material for the future html layout of the site. The layout fully reflects not only the design of the future resource, but also its dimensions, the layout of all the elements. Creating a psd template for a website is the initial step in the website development cycle.
Each design element in our store runs on a separate layer - the template structure becomes visible when it is opened in Photoshop. Using layers, all parts of the design can be easily edited independently of each other.

Due to the multi-layer change in one part of the template does not affect all the other elements.

All layers of our PSD templates grouped by belonging to a specific structural element of the design (header, footer, menu etc.).
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The full-screen design of a Mu Online gaming-themed website made in dark colors with the addition of red and green hues. In the big header of the site is the character from the game mu online as well as the status of 3 servers and the functional buttons for registration and authorization. The side menu is made in the form of fixed icons that can be expanded as desired. There are many additional pages of the site are available In this set of psd template, so you can implement all the necessary functionality of your game server. The logo can be changed in the psd layout if desired.