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What is it?

What is WordPress theme?

Therefore, we offer special additional Services for modifying purchased templates with which you can find in the Services section.
The remaining custom elements and blocks that are not part of the WordPress CMS system we made by HTML markup, which can be added manually or via a plugin. The instruction is attached to each template purchased in our store.

We also want to draw your attention that templates are installed without additional text and materials, therefore, it will initially differ from the demonstration screenshots on our store.
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A simple and light WordPress v4.9.8 Theme of the Мu Online Gaming website, made in a modern flat style. There is a news block and a sidebar with the server status and the forum discussions blocks in the structure of it.

Attention! The layout is stretched on the WordPress by the standard CMS functionality, the rest of the blocks that are not part of the standard functionality we made with the html markup.