1. What is Templstock.com?

Templstock.com is a high-quality and unique game theme templates store. You can buy a variety of products for different game projects: PSD Templates, Forum Skins, Game logos, UI / UX Sets, Game Icons, etc.

2. Template categories and filters.

All game templates are divided into 2 main filters in our store: Games and Main Categories. You can choose the necessary and interesting game first, and then pick the necessary type of product, for example, HTML Templates, Game Logos, UI / UX Sets, etc. Or apply filters in reverse. You can also sort all products you selected by date and price.

3. How to buy a template?

You can buy any template in our store without registration. All you need to do is choose template you need and press the green button "Buy Now", then you need to fill several fields in a buying popup with the important License URL and the E-mail address of the template files delivery and click the "Confirm Buying" button, after which you will be redirected to the payment system selection page.

4. Does our store accept PayPal payments?

No, unfortunately our geographical location of the store does not allow accepting PayPal payments. This is due to the legislation of the country of Ukraine. In the future, we will definitely connect the PayPal payment system for our store, but for now, we recommend that you use the available payment methods.

5. License link and e-mail address.

All our templates in our store are sold an a non-unique price, which means that you need to enter the site address in the License link field where the purchased template will be used, it means that the template is bought only for one address. If you plan to use the template on another site with a different url address, you need to purchase this template again and enter a new website address.
Be careful and very attentive when entering the E-mail address, all the files you bought will be sent there.

6. Template files delivery.

The purchase templates is instant with no processing of the order by moderators. All products can be downloaded immediately after purchase. The download button will be available for 24 hours. If you don't receive download link in 24 hours after the purchase, please contact Support to solve this problem.
You will receive information about the product you purchased and download button (link) to the E-mail. We recommend you delete the message immediately after downloading the template files to your computer.

7. Unique templates.

You can buy out a template in our store at an unique price, which is 10 times higher than the usual price. This means that this template will be removed from all future sales in our store and you are allowed to use it for any game projects with any License URL.
Our professional Web-designers and Front-end developers provide services for developing an unique turn-key Game projects. You can read all the services list and prices for it on Services page.

8. Return policy.

Our store Templstock.com does not provide a return of digital goods after they are bought and delivered to your E-mail address. Refund is possible only in a case of delivering damaged files and this damaged is due to our fault.

9. Services, templates finalization.

You can find not only the finished version of Game templates in our store, but also you can order a new unique turn-key Game project or a Services of it modification. The prices are indicated by the minimum standards, the final cost of the service is exposed after discussion of the final technical assignment.

10. Game templates demo.

You can see the demo version of all Game templates of the HTML Templates category. There is a link in the text of the description to view the demo video on the page of each Game template. All Game templates contain one homepage and one inside text page as a standart option, but also it can contain some more additional pages and materials.